From Nanofabrication to Nanomanufacturing

February 11, 2016 ZEISS Microscopy

ZEISS Technology Workshop & User Meeting on Multi-Ion Beam Applications at the University of Melbourne


The ZEISS Technology Workshop & User Meeting on Multi-Ion Beam Applications was held at the Centre for Neural Engineering, University of Melbourne on 5th – 6th February 2016. Eighteen scientists from nine different institutes followed the invitation of ZEISS. Aims for the workshop were to connect ZEISS ORION NanoFab users in the region, facilitate initiation of collaborations, and gather user feedback on their experience with the system. This way, ZEISS as well as the community learned about the breadth of applications in nanoimaging, nanofabrication and nanopatterning where the ZEISS-exclusive multi-ion beam technology is already well established and all participants had the chance to exchange experiences and ideas about new application fields.

Fruitful discussions were sparked with scientific keynote talks by Shinichi Ogawa (AIST, Japan) and Peter Hines (QUT, Australia). ZEISS specialists could directly discuss future product and application developments for the ORION multi-ion beam platform. The participants also received an exclusive sneak preview of an upcoming product via live video conference straight from the ZEISS Ion Microscopy Innovation Center (IMIC) in Peabody, USA. The feedback to the soon-to-be unveiled upgrade module was unanimously positive in that complex nanofabrication processes and patterning arrays over very large areas will benefit greatly from an enhanced workflow automation.

Helium-ion microscopy of ZnO nanorods/Ag nano-particles as biosensors materials. Courtesy of Eric Flaim, University of Alberta.
Helium-ion microscopy of ZnO nanorods/Ag nano-particles as biosensors materials. Courtesy of Eric Flaim, University of Alberta.

The user meeting proved to be a welcome opportunity to initiate collaborations and build a user community to exchange knowledge and support. Interested scientists were impressed with the breadth of applications of ORION NanoFab and came away with a better grasp of the applications unique to the system. Invited researchers from various universities were eager to gain access to ORION NanoFab systems in their area and strike up collaborations.

“Thank you for organizing this workshop. I have learned a lot and it really was a great opportunity to network with other users in Australia.  That was the first meeting of that kind for me and it will be memorable. I do believe collaboration and learning together will bring us to new heights in future and uplift knowledge in science with this awesome tool.” – Chaturanga Bandara (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

“This sort of communication among scanning ion microscope scientists is very interesting and important for developing the applications of this technology. I hope we will be able to have these kinds of conferences continuously in Asia.” – Dr. Shinichi Ogawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)


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About ZEISS User Meetings & Technology Workshops

ZEISS technology workshops encompass experts’ talks and hands-on experience. For scientists interested in ion beam techniques, there is no better option to get informed and to talk directly with the scientific experts and ZEISS staff. Ask your account manager for upcoming opportunities and events in your region!

About the speakers

Dr. Peter Hines, Surfaces and Physical Properties Laboratory Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Peter Hines obtained his Bachelor of Engineering and Ph.D. from the University of Queensland where he worked on the development of iron-titanium carbide composites synthesized from mineral sand feedstock. This work continued with a research position at New Zealand’s Industrial Research Limited Crown Research Institute. Peter subsequently held positions at QUT and Monash University developing online learning environments for materials engineering students.
In 2003, he moved ‘back to the bench’, joining the team at the University of Sydney’s Electron Microscope Unit. Peter held various roles including SEM and deputy lab manager before returning to QUT in 2010. Peter helped found QUT’s Central Analytical Research Facility, managing the Microscopy and then Thin Films and Physical Properties Laboratories. In this role Peter has overseen the purchase and commissioning of Australia’s first helium ion microscope with the ZEISS ORION NanoFab. He continues working with a range of users to apply ion beam microscopy to their applications in biology, materials and plasmonics.

Dr. Shinichi Ogawa, Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Dr. Shinichi Ogawa graduated from the Department of Applied Physics Engineering in Kyoto University, and got his doctorate degree of engineering on metal / silicon interface from Osaka University in 1992. He joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Now, Panasonic Inc.) in 1978, and worked for Si CMOS LSIs processes and materials, especially on interconnect technologies. During the developments, he discovered unique imaging capabilities with helium ion microscopy (HIM), and then joined AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in 2010 with an introduction of the HIM to AIST. Since then, he has studied unique applications of the HIM on areas of nano-electronics / mechanics, nano-materials, and biotechnology.
He has published more than 200 papers including conference proceedings, and has concurrently serving as an invited professor of Dept. Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.

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