Newest Version of ZEISS Mineralogic Mining Increases Plant Recovery

March 30, 2017 Brenda Ropoulos

Automated mineralogy analysis of Peralkaline granite









Mineral map of peralkaline granite particle (northern Quebec) shows spherulitic zircons and rare earth element mineralization. Elemental detection using EDS has limits < 1wt% allowing for fast and accurate assay measurements.


ZEISS announces the latest version of ZEISS Mineralogic Mining automated mineralogy software now incorporates morphochemical mineral classifications and standards-based quantitative EDX. Both of these features can be further combined to produce lithological classifications. These new features are supplemented with the release of an advanced data reporting suite including size fraction reconciliation.

These capabilities enable users to quantify ore types based on their chemical and textural characteristics. The mining industry will find this valuable for predicting mineral processing behavior of mine blocks and in improving blending strategies of bulk commodities.

ZEISS Mineralogic Mining enables the characterization of minerals to achieve maximum recovery of resources. With Mineralogic Mining, automated mineral analysis is used to identify and quantify minerals in real-time.

Mineralogic Mining combines a scanning electron microscope with one or more EDX detectors, a mineral analysis engine and the mining software plug-in.

Mineralogic Mining provides industry specific outputs to enhance extractive processes and give operators a leading edge in recovery.

For existing ZEISS Mineralogic Mining and ZEISS MinSCAN customers, the latest version of Mineralogic Mining, 1.4, is immediately available as a free-of-charge download. New users may obtain Mineralogic Mining by contacting their local ZEISS representative. EVO and Sigma 300 customers who purchase Mineralogic Mining will automatically receive the new version, and all future MinSCANs for mine-site will be shipped with the new version.

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