ZEISS and Raith join forces for Helium Ion Microscopy and Nanofabrication

February 27, 2017 Horst Schulze

New partnership strengthens global sales activities for unique ZEISS ORION NanoFab platform

ZEISS ORION NanoFabThe Microscopy business group of ZEISS and the Raith Group agreed to unite their sales and promotional activities for ZEISS ORION NanoFab, the only helium-ion-microscope in the world. ORION NanoFab fabricates sub-10 nm structures and images at 0.5 nm. Combined with a focused ion beam it enables machining with gallium, neon or helium beams and covers the complete range from micro- to nanomachining.

ZEISS Microscopy and Raith join forces to leverage profound expertise in nano-scale electron and ion microscopy as well as in nanofabrication processes and instrumentation. The sales partnership will combine Raith´s market access and sales force with the technology offerings of ZEISS. The cooperation covers the consultation of clients that are interested to employ ZEISS ORION NanoFab with its outstanding and unique capabilities for leading-edge research using helium and neon ion beams. Professional application development between clients and the ZEISS / Raith teams will help growing the ion microscopy and nanofabrication user community.

“A number of ZEISS ORION NanoFab and predecessor systems are already equipped with Raith ELPHY pattern generators, which has given Raith quite some insight into the capabilities of the helium and neon ion beam nanofabrication. Being able to consult clients from the early stages of interest will add significant value in the decision making process towards ZEISS ORION NanoFab”, says Dr. Ralf Jede, CEO of Raith Group.

Gas helium or neon is ionized at an atomically sharp metal tip and emits as ions from a ‘trimer’. The ions are focused through electrostatic optics in an ion column, which is part of the ZEISS ORION NanoFab system.

Justus Felix Wehmer, Co-CEO of ZEISS Microscopy adds “Raith is a leading company in the field of lithography and a well-known partner for ZEISS over several years. We believe that the announced sales cooperation will improve the customer consultation process and support which will result in new markets and adoption of this leading edge technology for nano patterning in the materials science and electronic market.”

For more information about ZEISS ORION NanoFab, clients may from now on also contact their regional Raith representative or Raith office.

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About Raith:
Raith is a leading provider and manufacturer of systems for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam nanofabrication, nanoengineering and reverse engineering. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, the company offers solutions for researchers and engineers in both academic and industry settings. With more than 200 employees supporting customers in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific region, Raith provides a professional support infrastructure that delivers added value to its customers. Raith counts high-level universities, academic institutions as well as companies in the high technology business among its clientele. For more information please visit www.raith.com.

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