ZEISS Digital Classrooms for Medical Laboratory Technicians

January 18, 2018 ZEISS Microscopy

Interactive techniques for laboratory investigation

The work of a medical laboratory technician is varied and vital to the quality of a patient’s care. Medical lab technicians (also referred to as MLTs, medical laboratory scientists/technologists or clinical laboratory science professionals) work behind the scenes as highly skilled scientists, performing tests that detect the absence or presence of disease. Results of the tests performed by these scientists are passed on to physicians so that they can treat patients and manage disease according to the findings.

“Approximately 70 percent of all diseases are detected through laboratory diagnostics, which makes it extremely important that every physician – and every patient – can rely on our graduates’ excellent training and meticulous work”, says Christiane Maschek, Head of the School for Medical Laboratory Technicians Hannover.

Preparing students for the challenges of their demanding profession

In Germany, training as a medical laboratory technician takes three years. The medical laboratory technician training program focuses on histology, clinical chemistry, microbiology and hematology, studying bodily fluids and tissue samples to detect pathogens. Other key aspects of the training include equipment and quality management. All of this makes the microscope one of the most important tools.

With ZEISS microscopes and the imaging app Labscope, it is easy to create a digital classroom with a network of connected microscopes.

“We use ZEISS microscopes with high illumination power for fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast. By connecting them with one another we can create a digital classroom, where I can view live images from all of the microscopes on my iPad at any one time. Then, together with my students, I can detect and discuss pathogens and structures. Digital classroom instruction not only motivates our students, it also energizes our instructors. This interactive collaboration make for lively classes!”, says Maschek.

Gain more insights into Digital Classroom learning at Hannover Medical School:

Download your free copy of an application note on gram staining to differentiate between bacteria in medical microbiology

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