Automated microscope for gentle and fast confocal 4D imaging

April 11, 2019 ZEISS Microscopy

Enhancing ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 with ZEISS LSM 900 for optical sectioning

The proven ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 is a fully integrated high-end imaging system with various incubation and detection options. It combines the easy-to-use automation of a boxed microscope with the image quality and flexibility of a classic inverted research microscope.  To get better data from three-dimensional samples, it is now possible to add ZEISS LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 for confocal imaging.

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Connecting widefield and confocal – the best of both worlds

Life sciences research often calls for optical sectioning to image samples with best possible contrast and resolution. By adding ZEISS LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 to ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7, users get the ease-of-use and automation from a fully integrated microscope platform and the superb confocal image quality and flexibility of the ZEISS LSM 9 family with Airyscan 2. The new Multiplex mode allows the user to perform superresolution 3D imaging with up to 1.5x higher resolution. Additionally, researchers can easily separate multiple labels with spectral imaging.

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A flexible, integrated microscope

ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 simplifies the laboratory setup and makes work more comfortable. All components are optimized for hassle-free automated imaging. New users and multi-user facilities especially enjoy the in-built automation and usability features when setting up complex experiments. Users can expect better data in shorter times, with less training and maintenance. As the user’s requirements grow, they can expand ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 with confocal technology, external cameras, deconvolution, and additional environmental control – whatever they need for the challenge of live cell observation.

Observe primary lung fibroblasts stained with mitotracker red (mitochondria) and a DNA marker (nuclei). Sample courtesy of S. Gawrzak and M. Jechlinger, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany:


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