Practical experiments for education in biology

November 23, 2017 ZEISS Microscopy

University of Jena and ZEISS publish microscopy tutoring for students and prospective teachers

Together with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, ZEISS has put together a microscopy manual for students and (future) teachers. The booklet contains practical experiments for education in biology. The English version is now available free of charge and can be downloaded here.

The co-initiator is Prof. Uwe Hossfeld, who has been advocating the teaching concept of practice-oriented research teaching and learning in biology for years.

“Microscopy is an essential skill that biology teachers should master. In addition, students cannot only explore a whole new world in microscopy, but also train their skills and learn to deal with biological problems in a different way” says Hossfeld. The fact that microscopy only appears as a peripheral area in the Thuringian curricula is a pity, especially with regard to the location: “Precisely because we have ZEISS, one of the leading manufacturers of microscope systems here in Jena, it only makes sense to work together and update the current state of the art work with new findings from science and education to unite.”

To bring readers up to date, the first part of the booklet focusses on the basics of modern microscopes and how they work. The second part is followed by instructions for sample preparation, microscopic drawings and selected experiments.

The manual is suitable for beginners and specialists alike. A new element is the integration of modern technologies such as smartphone apps. This allows images from the integrated microscope camera to be transferred wirelessly to the display of a mobile phone and further processed there.





Download the free guide “Microscopy for Biology Education. Practical Experiments for Education in Biology”

More information on the ZEISS Digital Classroom

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