Much more than simply a combination of microscopes

January 30, 2018 ZEISS Microscopy

Understanding correlative microscopy

Correlative microscopy is not a single technique, rather a combination of software, technology, and data. It provides streamlined easy-to-use workflows, delivers unique insights into the sample, and lets you acquire more data in less time. Watch this video to understand correlative microscopy in under two minutes: 

The challenge

Day after day, researchers, lab technicians, and quality engineers examine numerous specimens in labs all over the world. In each examination, they need to identify a representative region and be able to navigate within the sample at different microscopes: light, electron, ion, X-ray and many more. Next, they need to combine and adjust all the data acquired to get a detailed understanding of the specimen. And then comes the task of overlaying images.

Correlative Microscopy
Correlative microscopy from ZEISS gives you integrated solutions and seamless workflows.

More information about the sample from micro to nano scale

By applying several microscopy techniques to a single sample, microscopists can study it at a much broader range of magnifications than possible with a single technique. Not only does this allow them to conduct an initial low-magnification inspection of a sample to identify specific regions of interest for closer study, but it also generates a much greater range of information about the samples at different scales.

Less time and effort spent on data acquisition

Correlative microscopy from ZEISS provides integrated solutions and seamless workflows.

  • Gain unique insights into your sample
  • Move seamlessly from the micro to nano scale
  • Acquire more data in less time with streamlined workflows
  • Benefit from powerful image and data correlation handling
  • Acquire, handle, and analyze data from 2D to 4D
  • Use correlative coverslips and holders for precise and efficient work

More information on correlative microscopy from ZEISS

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