2018 Scientists’ Choice Award for ZEISS

March 2, 2018 ZEISS Microscopy

Best Analytical Science Article of 2017 goes to Dr. Timo Bernthaler

The 2018 Scientists’ Choice Award for the Best Analytical Science Article 2017 went to ‘Could Correlative Microscopy Solve the Energy Problems of the Future?‘, an in-depth article featuring Dr. Timo Bernthaler, materials scientist at IMFAA, Germany. In the interview Bernthaler discusses his characterization work on energy storage, magnetic and 3D printed materials and how correlative microscopy from ZEISS is accelerating his research.

Close cooperation with ZEISS

Microscopy is the core technology for all of the IMFAA’s research fields as the microscope enables them to analyze the relationships between the materials. Bernthaler and his team have a great relationship with ZEISS, and lots of ZEISS microscopes in their department.

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“It is with great pleasure that I accept this award and honor on behalf of our research team at the Materials Research Institute (IMFAA) at Aalen University, Germany. It was a pleasure to enhance research into materials for energy conversion, additive processing and energy storage by using correlative microscopic approaches and to explain the relevance of this important research. My thanks are also going to Sonia Nicolas and Sarah Thomas from SelectScience, for their professional assistance in producing the interview and the outstanding article. Of course, I would finally like to thank some important members of the IMFAA, Tim Schubert, Andreas Kopp, Andreas Jansche and Gerhard Schneider, for their support and vision to push microscopy into new materials and relevant technologies”, says Bernthaler.

2018 Scientists' Choice Awards_Best Analytical Science Article
The award for Best Analytical Science Article went to Dr. Timo Bernthaler and was accepted at the ceremony by Pascal Anger from ZEISS

SelectScience® announced the winners of the 2018 Scientists’ Choice Awards® as chosen by scientists from around the globe. Winners and nominees were celebrated during a special SelectScience 20th Anniversary Party at the Pittcon 2018 International Conference and Expo in Orlando, USA this week.

More information on materials research with ZEISS microscopes

More information on correlative microscopy from ZEISS

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