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RT @evodevomay: Squid Embryo are so fascinating to watch! Thanks to @CarrieOcto with the MBL Cephalopod Initiative for teaching #Embryo2018 about squid and octopus development @MBLScience Taken on a @Zeiss_micro @___SDB___ https://t.co/x8qwgKtTet

3:04 AM - 19 Jul 18
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ZEISS Microscopy

RT @evodevomay: You can see this squid embryo's 3 chambered heart beating! #Embryo2018 @MBLScience Cephalop...

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ZEISS Microscopy

RT @AnnekeKakebeen: Mysids are a type of marine crustacean whose common name is the opossum shrimp. This la...